Client-Therapist Matching: Therapist Emphasis on Different Ways of Helping Clients
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Therapist Emphasis on Different Ways of Helping Clients

Place the following ways your clients
might be helped in order of their usual
amount of emphasis in your therapy, by
moving them into the boxes on the right.

Gain insight into, or understanding of
the causes of their problems.

Develop new skills or learn new ways
to behave in the outside world.

Have an opportunity for deep experiencing and
increased awareness of feelings and sensations.

Get immediate help to take specific actions as
soon as possible to make their symptoms better.

Have an opportunity to examine their lives
in a growth producing climate.

Learn new ways to think about their problems
in order to have more control over them.

Develop more hope that
they can solve their problems.

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

Fourth Choice

Fifth Choice

Sixth Choice

Seventh Choice

These different ways of therapists helping clients were one of the attempts in TMatch to describe different styles of therapy without using formal names or descriptions of styles or schools. This therapist assessment was used for many different purposes. One purpose was matching by clients' preferences for types of therapy. Therefore, these descriptions had to be written in language that clients could understand. Other uses were for assessing therapists related to matching according to client characteristics. For example, this assessment was the major part of assessing therapists on emphasis on immediate symptom relief versus their emphasis on depth, which was used for several different matching criteria.