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Therapist Emphasis on Different Types of Insight or Understanding

Place the following types of client insight
or understanding in order of their usual
amount of emphasis in your therapy, by
moving them into the boxes on the right.

Gain insight into their unconscious
thoughts, feelings, and/or instincts

Gain insight into how their personalities
have been determined by my early relationships

Develop more understanding of their
interactions with other people

Develop more understanding of how their
patterns of behavior contribute to their problems

Develop more understanding of how negative
patterns of thoughts contribute to their problems

Develop more understanding of the complex
interactions within their families

Develop more recognition and understanding of
their repetition of historical events in the present








This therapist self-rating was used in TMatch for matching by clients' preferences for types of therapy. These different types of insight or understanding in therapy represent one of the attempts to describe different styles of therapy in ways clients could understand, without using formal names or descriptions of styles or schools. Clients were given a similar assessment, and they were matched to therapists based on how much their preferences matched therapists' self-ratings.