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TMatch: Client/Therapist Matching Based on

Client Preference for Use of Medication

Short Restatement of Matching Recommendations

Clients were matched to therapists based on how much their preferences for therapists' attitudes about use of medication for psychological problems matched the therapists self-assessments on this subject.

Client and Therapist Assessments

Clients were asked one question to directly assess their preference in this area. Therapists were asked an equivalent question.

Future Use for Matching

Results of Study

This one question worked quite well. There was a useful range of answers by both clients and therapists. The use or non-use of medication in therapy is an extremely important issue, and clients were very grateful to have the opportunity to express preferences in this area.

The Next Step for Matching on this Criterion

If no changes at all are made to this question, it would still work adequately for matching, in my opinion. The only aspect needed is to validate this question through a more thorough study.

For more information, email Kenneth Frankel, Ph.D.